Journal Reviews and Giving Thanks

Reviewer 1
This turkey is a bit over done. I think the problem is that the authors need a better theory of turkey before they try to stick one in an oven for four hours and then serve it. A recent example is recently published in the Journal of Poultry and many earlier contributions in Giblets and Drumsticks have been overlooked. Many earlier scholars have actually caught their own turkeys and fed them assumptions and corn to produce a really substantial turkey, that not only reflects the theory of turkey, but also glistens with the implications of a well thought out turkey. Until a better theory of turkey is employed to motivate this particular baked turkey, it is hard to reach a satisfactory conclusion with this effort. While I appreciate the efforts, I don’t support revising this particular turkey for resubmission, though I am tempted to suggest that a soup be created with the remains.
Reviewer 2
Have the authors never tasted chicken? Neither duck? Medieval scholars knew that a combination of these fowl with turkey was necessary to provide a substantial empirical test of the “Thanksgiving Hypothesis.” Curiously, the authors have ignored this long standing research tradition, even though there is a Stata recipe that will undertake this effortlessly for them. Surely this could easily be done in revisions.
Reviewer 3
I appreciate the authors efforts to examine the “Thanksgiving Hypothesis,” but it would appear there is a serious flaw in their analysis. The turkey has been cooked, and we see the standard inclusions: sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, freshly cooked rolls, and even cranberry sauce. I even appreciate the introduction of oysters as an instrument into the stuffing to rule out the endogeneity that the turkey was actually fed ground fishmeal. But there is no adequate control–such as a tofurkey–introduced to examine the possiblity that a general triptophane coma is responsible for outcomes in the “Thanksgiving Hypothesis.” That and the absence of soup leads me to conclude that this project is not ready. But I am encouraged enough to recommend revisions.

Editor: The reviewers see much merit in your work, but point to serious missteps as well. I have personally tasted a Turkey dinner, and would like to suggest that after considering the comments above, you revise your procedures and resubmit the results. If you choose to do so, I will send the effort to a new round of reviewers, including one of the original critics. If you decide to accept this invitation, I will need to have your submission by November 27th, 2014.

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